Loops, and my Sanity

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In-case you haven't heard me literally mention it in every post I write...I live in a camper. Like...with kids and stuff. They're loud. Like super loud. And as a result, Kate and I have become increasingly sensitive to noise in-general over the last few years of living in a camper. Or maybe it's literally just because we're just tired of noise in-general, and the fact that we live in a camper has absolutely nothing to-do with it. I don't even know anymore. Either way, I wrote a post a few years back about how I am able to concentrate while working inside an RV-based office, and there's still a lot of truth there.

But there's one thing that I have notice that has changed since I wrote it - we have discovered the Loop earplugs. (Not an affiliate, just a fan)

I know, I know, they're basically an earbud without the actual music part, but honestly they've become a staple in our home. Kate and I will just wear them sometimes for no reason. Like right now, my kids are asleep, Kate's quietly watching a video (with headphones on) and the only noise I can hear is the clacking of my keyboard, and yet I find myself wearing them because they just make it a little more quieter.

I'll wear these with noise-cancelling headphones on-top sometimes, just to add that extra oomph to isolating myself when the kids are being particularly loud. It's amazing.

I've come to find that I really enjoy the "underwater" quality of sound when you're wearing ear plugs. It's nice to hear nothing but the gentle ringing in your ears.

These little plugs have worked into our lives in ways I never considered when I first got them. We'll take them with us to places like the bowling alley we went to a couple weeks ago, where the music was just a bit too loud after a couple hours, or even just in the car to cut back on the car noise.

They come in a little travel case, and fit comfortably in my pocket, and with them there I find myself whipping them out a lot more often than I thought I would. It's kind-of addicting when you realize you can make your environment a little quieter at any time, but not so quiet that you can't hear people talking.