Help the Standifords with Their Winter Home (Resolved)

Their beloved fifth wheel RV was severely damaged during transport from Georgia to Texas in early November of 2023, jeopardizing their ability to continue this adventure. The incident has left them in need of financial support to both navigate the repair or replacement of their home on wheels, and renting a place to stay while they get things sorted. With your help, they can restore their RV life and get back on the road in the spring, continuing to live life authentically and on their terms.

Looking For Help With ActivityPub (Resolved)

One thing about the REST-based Mastodon instance mentioned here, is that I’d like it to eventually be replaced with an ActivityPub implementation, but honestly I don’t know much about how to actually integrate with that (yet!). Instead of doing that, I’m going to build a REST based data source specifically for Mastodon, since it suits… Continue reading Looking For Help With ActivityPub (Resolved)

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