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A portrait of Alex Standiford
Alex Standiford

Me: what would make this blog post with tons of images nicer, Kate?

Kate: They all need to be grouped up in a carousel, like Instagram

Me: gaaaaah I knew you were gonna say that!

And that's why I spent the last hour turning the gallery blocks on Casual Weirdness and my personal site into galleries. Which, honestly, was pretty easy because React.

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A portrait of Alex Standiford
Alex Standiford

I'm going back and finding content created by me that is published on other sites, and duplicating it on my site. I stumbled on this 3-part series I did just before I got hired at GoDaddy.

It's all about how I switched from using ACF and the classic editor to a full site block editing experience, and includes some samples of the tooling I used at the time. There's some good info in here, particularly about my process.


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