Your WordPress Affiliate Plugin Is Making Your Life So Much Harder.

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Your WordPress Affiliate Plugin is making your life so much harder.

They look at affiliate programs backwards, and as a result, you create a single, gigantic, complex program. This is really limiting! Let's dig into the pitfalls of that.

The simplest version of these programs need to capture different commission types, and rules. - Special rates for affiliate groups, products, and affiliates - The first, or the last tracked visit wins. These rules get spread all over WP Admin. This has some consequences.

With this approach, you have to go all over the WordPress dashboard to get to the bottom of how the program figured out which affiliate gets paid, and how much they were paid. You end up avoiding making certain changes just to avoid the confusion of it all.

Siren fixes this by allowing you to make multiple affiliate programs. Each program has its own set of rules that specify how to pay affiliates, and how much. This centralizes everything in one screen, making it A LOT easier to see what's going on.

With this clarity, you also get finer control over the individual programs. Want a program to evenly divide the commission to everyone who referred the customer? Do it! How about a program that pays a fixed amount instead of a percentage? Easy peasy.

Programs get attached to program groups. In these groups, one program gets the commission. Which program wins is based on the program group settings. With customizable programs, and program groups, you're able to expand on your offering while still making it easy to maintain.

The cherry on-top, is that if programs are in different groups, they can BOTH pay out commissions for a transaction. This allows you to build advanced use-cases where different collaborators can work together. I talk about that a bit more here.

I am releasing Siren Affiliates VERY soon, and will include migrations from existing affiliate platforms when I go live. If you're tired of coping with shortsighted Affiliate plugins and want something better, definitely sign up at Siren Affiliates.