Iā€™m Starting a Podcast About How To Build Better Business Partnerships

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In my quest to help people become better affiliate marketers, I realized that the issue runs much deeper than I thought. In order to be able to communicate about how to run a good affiliate program, I needed to get to the heart of what makes a good programs in the first-place.

And really, that's a lot harder to answer, because it goes to the very heart of networking, and business. I realized that I needed to start talking more about partnerships in-general.

I felt that this was a great basis for a podcast through Siren's website, so, I did some digging around to see what the podcast might be called, what it might look like, and all of that. I decided to stick with the nautical theme, and call it "PartnerShip". I scooped up partnership.fm, went with a pirate-based theme, and was off to the races.

I believe partnerships are the building blocks of most successful businesses. It's the discussions you have with other people, the ways you work your network, and the manner in-which you offer opportunities to your network to work with you. These things can serve as an amplifier, multiplying your efforts through your connections. This podcast will explore different bootstrapped business topics, with a focus on utilizing your network to create partnerships that benefit both you and them.

You can see the podcast here.

I hope you consider subscribing!