Maria was the "OG" rig that we traveled in for just over 2 years. With this older, smaller rig, we learned so much about what we needed in our camper, and when we needed it. Maria in many ways was our prototype camper, and there wasn't a single part of this rig that we didn't tear out or modify somewhere along the way. It was our home in some of our most amazing adventures, such as a summer boondocking off-grid all summer in Taos. Maria was far from the perfect rig (don't get me started on the process to make our bed!) but was a key component in giving us the understanding of what we needed to be indefinitely comfortable in this nomadic lifestyle, and made it really easy to buy the camper that ultimately superseded it, Leela. This was the rig with which we made the big jump into this lifestyle, and in-spite of it's imperfections, dated styles, faded paint, and cheesy wolf painting on the front, will always have a soft place in my heart.